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Interpet Prime Gravel Cleaner Small

Clean your aquarium gravel with this neat accessory. For Small Tanks (under 60l)



This Gravel Cleaner is designed to quickly and easily separate and remove debris from small-sized aquariums with gravel or small substrate whilst causing minimum stress to the fish. It uses the power of syphoning to remove the water and debris without removing the gravel from the tank. Size: Small

Ideal for small size aquariums (under 60 litres) and the smaller biOrb aquariums and biUbe. It has a clever 'easy start' valve and is extendable for deeper tanks.

For larger aquariums, and the biOrb 60 and 105, use the medium size.

TOP TIP for biOrb's and BiUbe's, once the service kit has been removed, try seperating the cleaning part from the tube and just use the tube inside where the service kit sits. You have to suck on the end of the hose to start the siphon process but it is usefull to get into this area and clear out all the waste using this method.


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