Considerations when choosing plants for your biOrb Fish Tank from We Are Pets

Plants for your biOrb Fish Tank

Decorating your biOrb can be really exciting, there are so many possibilities and products to choose from, such as topiary, pebbles, grass rings to sea stars and coral.

But we do get asked from time to time whether it is best to use artificial plants or real plants. This really comes down to your own personal choice, each has their own merits but there is no right or wrong answer in terms of choosing real or artificial.



Real Plants vs. Fake?

Real plants can look amazing but do require more looking after than artificial plants and can be harder to clean, real planting can provide a nice little snack for your fish, however  constant nibbling can start to make the plants look rather bedraggled and can cause debris so this would require monitoring to keep your tank looking and performing at its best. Real plants oxygenate the water and use up nitrates so can help in the fight against algae so a lot of fishkeepers do prefer the natural organic way to decorate a tank.

Artificial plants on the other hand are low maintenance and can be removed and cleaned easily when necessary. There is a wide range of biOrb decoration from which to choose, we especially like the silk plants as these sit and sway in the water beautifully.  With new products arriving all the time especially with the introduction of the new Flow tank you can update and transform the look of your tank with ease.