What can cause a lot of confusion when you get a new kitten home is how you are going to litter train it and what cat litter and which tray to use.  There are lots of litter trays, some cats like normal litter trays, some cats like high sided litter trays and they will not  use an open one.  So we have the ones with the flaps on and they have filters at the top but maybe best to start off with just a normal litter tray and discuss  where we can place this tray.

Never put the tray near the cat's food and never put it near the cat's bed, this would stop the cat from using it, so always put the litter tray away from the cats food and bed.

You can use wood based litters, clay type litters, clumping litters, Fullers earth litter, crystals, there are lots and lots of litters to choose from nowadays.  Basically it comes down to what your cat will use, some cats will not use one particular litter but  they will use another . We also need to think about our own preferences,  some  litters will do the job they just clump and the mess can be thrown away but you do get a bit of a smell out of them however  there are lots of products available to help that , litter freshners  and lots of odour  eliminators.

We have to be careful with cat litter because it contains lots and lots of bacteria and pregnant women in particular need to stay away from the litter tray. But when we are cleaning the litter tray we can use , for example  litter tray liners,  basically they fit in the bottom of the tray and once it has been used you tie it up and you can get dispose of it, we find this can be a bit messy.  You can use one of the clumping litters and they can go straight into your litter pan without liners. When cleaning litter trays it is important to use a cat friendly disinfectant, Dettol and other disenfectants contain phenols and if you look on the bottle of these disenfectants they actually tell you not to use them around small animals and cats so make sure you use a pet friendly disinfectant . The phenols by the way,  gradually build up in the cat and they are unable to  get rid of them and over a period of time it can make the cat very ill and can kill them so always use a pet friendly disinfectant. 
The litter we use and would recommend is Cats best from Oko Plus we like this litter , its very economical , we can throw it down the toilet, or it can go into the compost heap so is very easy to get rid of.  It has total odour control so you don't need any freshners with it or anything llike that, a 10ltr bag  can last one cat up to 6 weeks so it works out at about 10pence a day, its nice and light and if you use it correctly you will get good coverage. When the cat goes in the tray you will see how quickly it absorbs the waste, any stools will all clump together  and basically it is just a case of scooping up the solid clumps giving the scoop a shake and then that can go straight down the toilet with no messing about and it doesn't smell.