Bath Time

“How often should you wash your dog?”

There are no set rules when it comes to washing your dog, however vets recommend that you try and do it once a month, washing your dog too much will cause their skin to dry out. There are no medical reasons you should have to bathe your dog any more, unless they have skin problems or are very smelly. Depending on the breed of the dog you may not need to wash them as often, a jack Russell will require less attention in this area, as a pose to a lively boxer dog that loves nothing more than to jump into water and cover its owner in mud. Use your own judgment as a pet owner when it comes to bathing your dog.


One question we get asked a lot is “can you use human shampoo on your dog”, the answer we give is try not to use human shampoo as it can be quite harsh on your dog’s sensitive skin. We always recommend that you use a gentle dog shampoo for bathing as you don’t want to irritate their skin.  Try to look for natural ingredients in dog shampoo such as aloe and Shea butter, try to steer away from strong scented shampoo, if you want a nice sent try to look for natural scents such as lavender or chamomile.