Dog FoodFinding the right dog food can be a minefield, there are so many on the market to choose from and sometimes conflicting advice. But why are some 12kg bags £13.00 and others £30.00 and more? 



A Little Secret about Food Prices

Should we believe that you get what you pay for?  No, this isn’t always the case. Some expensive brands charge a high cost as they have expensive, flashy advertising to pay for or in other cases they have a specialized section of the market such as veterinary dog foods. Cost is often, not always, a reflection of quality.

It is so important to take time to look at the ingredients on the side of the bag.  This in conjunction with how much it would cost to feed your dog per day (have a look at the feeding guidelines on the bag) will enable you to make the best decision when buying your dog food.  A £13.00 bag of dog food may not be as economical as you think if you work out how much the daily cost is. Some of us can be scared off bags with the bigger price tags but these often work out to be just as cheap or in some cases cheaper, so it is possible to save money and give your dog a great dog food!

A lot of common doggy problems such as itching, chewing  paws, dull coat, pooing for England! can all be resolved with a good quality dog food.

What to Look Out For

Look for those foods which start their ingredient list with a named meat source. Dried meat  such as dried chicken, turkey etc  is great.   The ingredients you don’t want to see are DERIVATIVES,  WHEAT, CORN and certainly not ARTIFICIAL COLOURS, PRESERVATIVES OR FLAVOURINGS.

The saying ‘you are what you eat’ is something we all now think about, especially with the emphasis in the media on obesity and eating related disorders, this consideration to diet should be something we also think of when feeding our best friend.

We stock some great dog foods such as Symply and Barking Heads, why not have a look at their ingredient list and compare it to what you are feeding your dog, are you really doing the best for your faithful friend and your wallet

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