Walk Your Dog

We have all had those days when it’s cold and raining outside and your just dreading having to take the dog for a walk. However walking your dog is so much more than just a good exercise, it stops your dog from getting bored which causes behavior such as knocking over furniture or jumping on people, these are all signs of too much pent up energy and regular walks will solve this. It’s also a behavior training opportunity and teaches your dog how to behave in other canine company.


Walking your dog is a huge health benefit, just like us your pets need exercise, otherwise your pooch can quickly become an overweight one, and that brings a lot of potential health problems with it. Young dogs will need at least an hour of daily exercise, also if your dog was bred for sporting activities such a herding or racing it will need much more. This will mean walking your dog at least two times a day. Walking as well as other forms of exercise can help reduce your pet’s destructive behavior, such as chewing, digging or scratching. Pets are much like children if you aren’t giving them something constructive to do then you may not like what they do to occupy themselves instead.  Dogs have a huge amount of pent up energy and excitement that only exercise will cure, a well exercised dog results in a tired dog and studies show that a tired dog is a better behaved dog.

For a dog, going for a walk for fills its natural instinct, in the wild dogs will walk in packs and roam for miles each day to find food and water. Although your dog is not a wild animal, walking is still a natural instinct for them. Dogs are working, thinking animals that need a purpose in life beyond sleeping all day long; walking will provide a sense of direction and accomplishment. It also lets them explore their senses, during the course of a walk your dog will be exposed to all sorts of sounds, sights and smells, which will be a good mental workout for the brain.

Going for regular walks with your dog also has an emotional effect, if you have a shy or timid dog this will help your pet build confidence and trust. As you will be exposing your pet to other humans and canines alike, your dog will eventually learn to become more comfortable around them with you there for support.

Training your dog can be a long process and something you should start as you mean to go on. Walking your dog can be a great training opportunity, for a start your dog needs to learn how to walk on a lead. Most dogs given the chance will try and drag you along behind it, this is not an option and if you do not assert your authority it will continue to do just that. If you can find a safe area to let your dog off the lead you can also train it how to respond to commands such as “sit” and “stop” taking treats for your dog will help with this process.

Walking your dog regularly will result in a much happier life for you and your pet.