I used to think it was mean to put a dog in a dog crate or cage but then I had problems with my Labrador, Molly, urinating in the night, although she was let out before bedtime this pattern of weeing in the night was starting to become a habit so I reluctantly purchased a dog crate.

I was amazed how quickly she actually went into the crate, the door was always left open apart from through the night, it became her bed and her space and she willingly went into the crate throughout the day and at bedtime.

Funnily enough I looked after a friends dog, Flo, who was also used to having a dog crate as her bed and having set the 2 crates up my kitchen, I was amused to see them sleeping in, and exploring each others crates, like they were having a nosy around each others houses!!  Even though a comfy settee was not far away they both still chose to spend time in their crates.

It was so evident that the dogs loved to have access to a small space just for them and the fact that it had sides and a roof seemed to make it more of a doggy den just for them.

The dog crate was also great for that time none of us look forward to, hoovering and mopping the floor! For cleaning time I knew that Molly would be fine resting securely in her dog cage whilst the floor dried and I cleaned the house. A dog crate can also be invaluable at Fireworks time, that secure place can help a nervous dog feel more secure and makes those bangs and screams a little less stressful.

The dog crate can also be used as a training aid and is usually used to toilet train a puppy but in my case I was trying to break a cycle of night time wetting and it worked!! My original plan was to get rid of the crate once the wetting problem had been resolved and I did remove it but then actually felt guilty that I had taken Molly's little house away, her lovely sad eyes won and I put it back!!

So although not cute or particularly pretty to us house proud dog lovers I no longer see the dog crate as a ‘cage' and something mean to lock a dog in, it's Molly's nest and her secure hideout and she now sleeps through the night with the door open!

I have recommended and have found the Pet Gear Dog Crates personally to be not only great value but also tough and durable, Molly has had hers for years now and it still looks like new.

It would be great to see your photos and hear about your doggy experiences, sometimes the best way to learn is through friend's stories and past experiences.