Dogs are man’s best friend so they deserve to be treated this way.

Like us dogs can be affected by the way they are treated day in day out meaning it is very important to make sure they remain happy as well as healthy. When a puppy first arrives in your home it is very important to ensure they receive the right treatment from the local vets.

For young dogs this generally revolves around having the right injections to make sure they are immune to whatever could harm them in the wide world. As your dog starts to grow up they will become accustom to what could harm them in the world but there will always remain the possibility your dog could fall ill. An illness could take course purely because your dog has decided to eat something it deems interesting on the ground no matter what it may be. From grass to snails dogs will eat it all so you should try and keep an eye on them whilst proceeding on long walks.

Physical exercise is just as important in your dog’s health hence why regular walks are a must. By taking your dog on a 30 minute walk twice a day you can ensure all of the dogs muscles are being worked including the heart which will become unhealthy unless worked. Whilst on walks if your dog responds to your commands do not be afraid to let it run free and go wild as all dogs want to. Not many people can physically keep up with their dog so a little free reign will not do much harm at all. In addition to these simple steps it is important your dog is eating correctly at meal times.

Good quality dog food is one vital step towards having a quality dog.