Playing With Your Dog


Nobody enjoys spending their days bored with nothing to do and this I the same for your dog. Whenever you have some free time why not go and have some fun with your dog not only will you enjoy it but so will your dog. However, there are do’s and don’ts when playing with your dog to ensure they remain house trained and they do not cause problems once playtime is over. When you are playing with your dog please take into account the age of your dog as this will change the way in which you should act around your dog. Younger dogs will prefer a more roughhouse play whilst older dogs may prefer a calmer style of play.


With dogs you simply cannot beat the classic styles of play in the forms of fetch and tug of war. A small tennis ball is perfect for fetch and not only will your dog love it they will also get a good workout from it. When playing tug of war you will need to bear in mind how agitated your dog is becoming. Some breeds may get agitated and aggressive whereas some will instantly recognise it is play time. You should also take into consideration what items you are using for the actual tug as an old shoe or an old towel will encourage your dog to chew on the ones you still currently use. All pet shops will be able to provide you will a knotted rope, perfect for this game.


Dog love having toys to play with and by taking a stroll around your local pet store you can easily pick a few up which your dog will enjoy. Even though you may feel most of the toys appeal to your dog you should try and stick to just having 3 or 4 toys. If you start cluttering your house will a lot of dog toys the dog will soon become confused to what is and what isn’t a toy. The only result will be your precious items being chewed and ruined.