Dog treats are loved by all sizes and breeds of dogs and for dog training in particular, they are invaluable. A high percentage of dogs are motivated by food, which makes dog treats the most effective rewards to offer. However, many people don’t understand the benefits of high quality dog treats, compared to the standard lower grade treat rewards or made at home dog treats such as table scraps and high-calorie treats.


The main benefit of high quality dog treats is the better quality ingredients that they maintain. Some dog treats can add a substantial amount of calories to a normally healthy diet. Over time this can have a serious impact on a dog’s health and result in the dog being overweight. High quality dog treats however, often contain balanced ingredients without any artificial flavourings, colours, preservatives or chemicals. High quality dog treats are often made from organic ingredients that undergo extra inspections and scrutiny which means they are more likely to benefit your dog rather than cause them health issues in the future. The health of your dog should be one of the most important things, and ensuring that the ingredients in a dog treat are natural will help to ensure a continuously healthy lifestyle whilst still being rewarded.



Key Nutrients

The key nutrients that high quality dog treats provide are vital to ensuring that your dog has a balanced nutrition, even when it comes to treats – whether they are regular or not. Dog treats that are made of high quality ingredients often lead in five performance areas such as strong defences, skin and coat, muscles, healthy digestions, puppy growth and development. Introducing dog treats that are high in antioxidants are equally important to our pets as it is to humans. It is important that a dog’s diet is partnered with high quality dog food as well as treats and dog treats that are made of high quality ingredients contain the key nutrients to keep your dog both healthy and looking good.

Immune System

High quality dog treats are important in boosting a dog’s immune system, to help fight off any colds or diseases that might be circulating. If a dog owner finds that their pet tends to suffer from various allergies and skin conditions, high quality dog treats, especially ones made from natural ingredients, can help the dog to develop an immune system that can help become resistant to skin infections. In addition to this, natural vitamins and minerals that are regularly found in high quality dog treats can help the dog to develop a muscular and strong body, giving its immune system a good basis to guard against infections and expensive illnesses. In addition to this, they can also work to soothe any achy joints, particularly in older dogs.


Having strong and clean teeth is important for dogs as extensive tooth decay can lead to expensive surgeries and dental bills, as well as painful and unpleasant experience for the dog. Although it is important to maintain a good dental regime of brushing, dental chews and regular checks, high quality dog treats can also have many benefits for dog’s teeth. Some of the dog treats that you can purchase act as a supplementary product that helps to reduce the build up of plaque on dog’s teeth. Tartar build up, while largely genetic is also strongly influenced by diet and introducing high quality dog treats is an important way to try and reduce this. In addition to brushing and dental health checks, these dog treats can extensively reduce any bad breath that a dog might have. Older dogs are more likely to have sensitive teeth and many types of treats can aggravate this. However, there are different types of dog treats that are made of high quality ingredients that do not intensify any sensitivity due to their texture as well as not having excess sugars or sweeteners.