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Natures Menu Pouch Cat Food Box of 12

Cats love Natures Menu Complete and Balanced pouches because of the high quality real meat that is crammed into every pouch.

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Natures Menu cat pouches are filled with top quality raw ingredients and then steam cooked only once to ensure the food is as natural as possible.

Natures Menu Pouches contain a high portion of real meat, that's real cuts of chicken, beef, turkey or real fillets of Cod, Tuna, or Salmon depending on the variety. They contain no meat derivatives, meat meals or dried meat, no sugars and definitely no cereals! They are a complete and balanced food designed to be fed alone and they include all important amino acids, including Taurine.


Natures Menu Kitten Pouches contain a high potion of real chicken which is a lean and digestible source of nutrients and not to mention extremely palatable and tasty for kittens. They contain chicken offal as well as prime chicken pieces, ensuring your kitten benefits from a wider range of nutrients needed for growth.
With added fish oil too to provide more of the much needed nutritious omega essential fatty acids

Adult Beef and Chicken

Natures Menu Beef and Chicken Cat Pouches with beef which is a rich source of Iron, Zinc and B vitamins required for enzymes to release energy in the body.
These cat pouches also include beef lung which is one of few cuts of beef that contains a nutritious level of vitamin C to aid your pets circulatory and immune system.
Also includes chicken, which cats love. Chicken meat and Chicken Livers are rich sources of nutrients not to mention extremely palatable.

Adult Chicken, Salmon and Tuna

Natures Menu Chicken, Salmon and Tuna Cat Pouches with chicken meat and Chicken Livers which are rich sources of nutrients not to mention extremely palatable. Salmon is an easy to digest and rich in essential fatty acids. Tuna is high in the calming amino acids and is also packed with healthy DHA and EPA fatty acids.

Adult Chicken and Turkey

Natures Menu Chicken and Turkey Cat Pouches with Chicken and Turkey meat. Cats love chicken. Chicken meat and Chicken Livers, are rich sources of nutrients not to mention extremely palatable. Turkey is a nutritious meat cats love the taste of, it also contains more of the calming amino acids.


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